Market research and economic impact assessments

Use insight to make an impact

Impact Assessments

Economic impact assessment for development, investment and infrastructure, providing highly robust research, market analysis and advice.

Studies, Bids & Strategies

We create feasibility studies, funding bids and prepare regeneration strategies for private and public sector clients.

20+ years' experience

Past and present clients include Facebook, Sky, Aviva, RBS, O2, Ebay, Barclays, McDonalds, Scottish Widows, local Councils, WRVS.

Welcome to Development Economics

We provide highly robust research, market analysis and advice for private and public sector clients operating across the following fields: 

  • industry and sectors of the economy 
  • labour markets, skills and education
  • housing
  • retail development
  • sport, leisure, tourism and cultural industries 
  • energy and transport infrastructure
  • minerals and natural resources
  • sustainability and quality of life issues.
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Case Studies



Contribution of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to the UK economy

Development Economics has recently undertaken a study on behalf of Santander that examines and quantifies the

Christmas Fraud

New research undertaken by Development Economics has identified that fraud affecting online shopping is likely

Potential impact of accelerated investment in Robotics in UK Manufacturing

Investing £1.2bn into manufacturing processes, to increase robotics and automation over the next decade could


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