Facebook: She Means Business campaigns

In 2016 Development Economics produced a report for Facebook which examined the future economic development potential (jobs and economic output) that stand to be gained by the UK economy when women who are currently planning to establish a business were to do so and achieve their growth ambitions. The estimates took into account the findings of a large survey of would-be entrepreneurs, and also utilised assumptions for business survival and growth rates based on ONS and OECD data.

The UK report achieved widespread coverage, so in 2017 Facebook asked Development Economics to replicate the model for 13 other countries, including Australia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia and New Zealand. The reports utilised bespoke survey evidence from each country, and also economic statistics and data generated by respective Government agencies, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

Economic assessment

CLIENT Facebook
DATE March 2017
RESULT Global coverage

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