National Farmers Union: Contribution of UK Agriculture

Development Economics was commissioned by the National Farmers Union to identify and quantify the contributions made by UK agriculture, both directly (in the growing of food) and in terms of its wider role as a major component of the UK’s food and drink industry. The research also assessed the social and cultural contribution of farming, including the role farmers’ play in helping to manage the rural environment.

A key finding of the report was that, for the first time, the total contribution of agriculture to the UK economy and society has been calculated. This ratio is the return on investment for the nation, taking into account the value of farming to the UK and the costs associated with the sector. During 2015, farming made a major contribution to the nation, being worth at a minimum 7.4 times the support it received via direct payments plus the carbon costs and external costs for soil, air and water resources of UK domestic food production.

Economic assessment

CLIENT National Farmers Union
DATE March 2017
RESULT Global coverage

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